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Where To Stay In Yellowstone Country
A series of articles to help those planning a fly fishing trip to
Yellowstone National Park.  

South and East Entrances to the Park and Other Locations Outside the
I am combining the places you can stay that are near Yellowstone National
Park's South and East entrances into one article. Neither one deserves much
more than pointing out that they offer very little in terms of choice. Of course,
both entrances have some great guest ranches, cabins, campgrounds, etc.,
but neither offers much in the way of motels or hotels.  

Cody is the closest major city near the east entrance and it is fifty miles away.
There are plenty of places to stay in Cody but for purposes of visiting the
park, it isn't a good choice unless you have other activities you plan on doing
near Cody other than fishing in the park. The Shoshone River and some other
streams are near Cody but unless those are your main destination streams,
we don't suggest you stay in Cody. There are a few other places between
Cody and the park's east entrance but they are limited and so are the other
facilities such as places to eat, etc. This is not to say there is anything wrong
with staying at any of the campgrounds or ranches near Yellowstone's East

Places to stay near the South entrance to Yellowstone National Park are even
more limited. The main reason is Yellowstone National Park joins Teton
National Park. The nearest city of any size in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It is a
beautiful place to stay with plenty of facilities but it is a long drive from there to
the South entrance to the Park. Unless some of the streams in the Jackson
area are your main destination, we don't recommend it. The Snake River and
several other smaller streams near Teton National Park can be fished, but
Jackson Hole just isn't a good place to stay if you plan primarily on fishing the
streams of Yellowstone Park.

We realize this article tells you where not to stay but we think that's important
to know. You don't want to waste a lot of time looking for a place to stay that's
fifty miles or more from Yellowstone Park if you have to drive back and forth to
the streams to fish each day. Depending on where you intend to fish, keep in
mind that it takes time to get to the streams even when your inside the park. In
some cases, it takes a long time.  
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