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Do You Need A Guide for your Yellowstone Fly  
Fishing Trip?
I was talking to a friend and customer yesterday who is planning on fishing Yellowstone
National Park next July. As I suggested, he has already reserved a place for him and his
son to stay in Gardiner Montana. In checking everything out, he called a local fly shop
to ask about purchasing a map and during the process, he was pounded by someone
asking him to reserve a guide. He explained he didn't use guides and was told he would
be waisting his time if he had never fished the park before unless he used a guide.  

He was pressured as much as anyone could possible be pressured into doing
something he didn't want to do but he was smart enough to just pass it off as just a  
hard core sells job. A few days later, he called and mentioned that to me. I told him I had
seen the same fly shop guiding customers on drift boat trips in the Yellowstone River
outside the park when the water was blood red with mud and in full runoff mode. Later, I
met one of the guys that was tricked into that trip. He was very upset they had to make
the trip or loose their deposit. The gentleman and his partner failed to catch a trout. In
plain terms, they were ripped off to heck and back.

You do not need a guide to catch trout in Yellowstone National Park. There isn't
anything wrong with booking a guide if you want to do that, but fishing the streams isn't
any more different or difficult than fishing any one of hundreds of other trout streams in
the nation. In fact, I would say in general, it is easier to catch trout in Yellowstone
National Park than most other places you would fish for trout.

Most of the guides are busy doing float trips outside the park and if you want to float
one of the rivers outside the park and you don't have your own drift boat, then it is a
good idea to book guide. Many of the "so called" guides are summer students that know
little about fly fishing, some are ski instructors looking for summer income. Some are
well qualified and some are not.

Don't be tricked or fooled into thinking you need a guide to fish the streams of
Yellowstone National Park because you don't.
If they try to push you into booking
one, tell them you have a GPS and don't need a guide - that you don't intend to get
lost. By the way, the better fly shops will not try to push their customers into booking
one of their guides or to purchase anything else for that matter.
Options For Selecting Flies:

1. Email us at  
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dates you will be fishing Yellowstone
Country and we will send you a list of
our fly suggestions. Please allow up to
24 hours for a response.

2. Call us at 800-594-4726 and we will
help you decide which flies you need.

3. Call or email us with a budget for
flies and we will select them and get
them to you in time for your trip.

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