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Yellowstone National Park Fly Fishing Report
Water temperatures in the Firehole River have reached near eighty degrees. High
temperatures in West Yellowstone are running in the high 70's with nightly lows in the
mid forties. The Madison in the park is running on the warm side also. The best place to
fish the Madison is below Earthquake Lake. There's plenty of Salmonfly nymphs,
Golden and Little Yellow Stoneflies. Pale Morning Duns are going strong along with
Blue-winged Olives on cloudy days. There have been reports of a few Green Drakes
hatching and we expect that to be in full force very soon. There's plenty of caddisflies
including Spotted Sedges and Green Sedges.

The Gibbon River is fine above the Falls. Green Drakes, Brown Drakes and Gray Drake
hatches are about to end. Flavs, or small Western Green Drakes should start hatching
soon. There are plenty of Green and Spotted Sedges.

The Gallatin River has come alive and is doing great.  Salmonflies, Golden stoneflies
and Little Yellow stoneflies are hatching. There are hatches of Green Drakes and Pale
Morning Duns in the moderate flows.  

The upper Gardner River is coming into shape rapidly. Below the falls, the Gardner has
Golden Stoneflies, Little Yellows and Salmonflies hatching. It should be a hot spot for
the next couple of weeks or more.

The Yellowstone River in the Grand Canyon and Black Canyon is doing great.
Salmonflies and Golden Stoneflies are hatching. There should be a few Western Green
Drakes and Pale Morning Duns hatching in the right types of water. Spotted Sedges
and Green Sedges make up most of the caddisfly population.

The entire Northeast corner, Slough Creek, Soda Butte Creek and Lamar River is still a
little too high and cold. Give it a few more days.  The Lewis and Snake Rivers are still a
little high and off color and so are all the streams in the Southwestern Cascade
Corner of the park. These sections will be in good shape soon.

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