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Yellowstone National Park Fly Fishing Report
Some streams are getting better and some are getting in worse shape but that's
completely normal. Runoff adversely affects different streams at different times. The
Yellowstone River is blown out and muddy. It really hasn't be worth fishing in the park
yet this early season. Of course, you can forget the entire northeastern corner of the
park. It's the last section to warm up. It's the same situation with the Southwestern and
Southeastern Corner.

By far the best area to fish in the park at this time is Firehole River and the Madison
Valley on the western side. Naturally, there's a few anglers there. From the reports we
are getting, some are having good success at times, and for others, it isn't so good.
That too, is normal for this time of the season.

We've been expecting reports of Salmonfly hatches in the Firehole Canyon but we
haven't heard of anything other than that a very few have been spotted.

The White Miller hatches have increased on the Firehole and Madison Rivers during
the late week. There have also been a few Green Drakes spotted on the Madison but I
don't think they have really started to hatch.

I guess it is possible to fish the Gibbons meadows but the water temperature is still in
the mid-forties and the water is still off color.

Blue-winged Olives (18) and Pale Morning Duns (18/16) will still be the two main
mayflies hatching.
Little Black Caddis (18) , Spotted Sedges (16) , Little
Short-horned Caddis (20)
and White Millers (16) will all be hatching. It is possible
Salmonflies (4/6)  will make a more impressive appearance in the Firehole Canyon.

Nearby Streams Outside the Park:
The Madison River below Hebgen dam (between the lakes) has provided some fair
fishing opportunities. The best area at this time is below Quake Lake. I'm expecting to
hear reports of Salmonflies moving in towards the banks further downstream near Ennis
any day now, but none so far.

The Henry's Fork of the Snake River is still doing well right now. Salmonflies have been
present. Most of the fishing has been done in the Box Canyon but the upper sections of
the river are also fishing good. The Harriman State park section of the river opens in
another week or June 15th. The canyon below the campground has the big stonefly
hatches going on. The section from  the Warm River to Ashton section has be fishing
very good. The Salmonflies hatch is about over below Aston but that means plenty of
Goldens will be showing up. There's also plenty of Green Drakes, March Browns and
BWOs showing up as well as caddisflies. As usually, it has and will continue to be the
hotspot of the Henry's Fork.

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