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Yellowstone Park Fishing Report

As expected and as usual, the Firehole River was the place most everyone fishing the
first week of the season headed. The reports we have received from customers and
locals of West Yellowstone is that the catching ranged from great to poor. That's also as
expected and as usual.  

The weather forecast looks good and the conditions should hold up at least for the first
few days. The highs at West Yellowstone should range from about 77 to nightly lows of
about freezing.

All other areas of the park seem to be in about the same shape as last week - not

Blue-winged Olives (18) and Pale Morning Duns (18/16) will be the two main
mayflies hatching.
Little Black Caddis (18) , Spotted Sedges (16) , Little
Short-horned Caddis (20)
and White Millers (16) will all be hatching. It is possible
Salmonflies (4/6)  will make an appearance in the Firehole Canyon.

Nearby Streams Outside the Park:
The Madison River below Hebgen dam (between the lakes) has provided some fair
fishing opportunities. The best area at this time is below Quake Lake.

The Henry's Fork of the Snake River is doing well right now. Salmonflies have been
present. Most of the fishing has been done in the Box Canyon.
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