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New Book "Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park" - An
Insider's Guide to 50 Best Places
by Nate Schweber
Very Misleading

I was contacted by Nate Schweber a few months ago and ask for help on a new book he was writing
about fly fishing Yellowstone National Park. Although I would have preferred to be quoted about
fishing a dozen other streams in Yellowstone, I agreed to help with Grayling Creek, one of a few left on
his list of streams he exclaimed he needed help on.

Although the book has been out for several months, I saw it for the first time yesterday. A friend of
mine sent me a copy of it because he noticed it contained some false information about me.

Mr. Schweber told me that he was a big time writer for the New York Times. That should have been
enough information for me to refuse to help him, but I guess we live and learn.  If he does work for the
Times, and he makes up information and misquotes people like he misquotes Angie and I in his
worthless book, he probably won't be on their payroll very long. The New York Times writers are
experts at putting out false information. Schweber is a amateur at it. He makes it very obvious.

I have never worked as a fishing guide, or for that matter, a charter boat captain. Since 1980, I have
made my living teaching people to fish by hosting and producing instruction videos on fishing. Most of
my programs are about saltwater fishing with conventional fishing tackle. The programs have topped
the sells of videos/DVD on saltwater fishing Worldwide for several years. Ironically, one of my saltwater
fishing programs, "Encyclopedia of Sportfish", made the front page of the Sports in the New York
Times as their recommended gift for anglers a few years ago. As you probably know, my wife Angie
and I also have nineteen (19) instructional DVD programs on fly fishing for trout. A few thousand of
our "Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park" DVD have been sold in the last five years.

All of the information that Mr. Schweber indicates came from Angie or I, regarding suggestions and/or
recommendations for fishing Grayling Creek, was completely made up by Schweber. I have never
recommended using generic or attractor flies over specific imitations of the most plentiful and most
available trout foods for any wild or native trout stream. We have over 400 of our own "Perfect Fly" fly
patterns that imitate specific insects and other foods eat. Our company probably sells more trout flies
than any single fly shop, or single big box store in the U. S. We don't use or recommend the old
standard, generic or attractor trout flies for any stream in Yellowstone National Park. We certainly
don't recommend using flies tied in Kenya, China or Thailand that are sold by many, if not most fly

I understand Schweber sings in a band called the New Heathens. That makes perfect sense.

There's plenty of information about fly fishing available in all types of media that's not only worthless,
but sometimes very misleading. I believe Schweber's new book has set the record for that.
Copyright 2012 James Marsh