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New "Perfect Fly" Product Now Shipping
I know a new article is well past due but I do have a good excuse that I'm sticking with. After three
years of planning, design, development and setting up to manufacturer fly rods, we recently begin
shipping our first of several new models -
The Superb Five. We think it's the best five weight fly rod
you can buy.

This new adventure has taken a lot of my time and effort during the last three years. In fact, it has
taken about twenty times the amount of time and effort I first estimated. At times it seemed more like I
was trying to move things around by "pushing a rope" as opposed to pulling it.

Also, to follow up on my last article, please be advised I did do something about "Getting More People
Started" in fly fishing. We are now shipping the new Perfect Fly
"Getting Started Fly Set".  You no
longer have to mortgage your house to get started fly fishing. That was tough on most people,
especially those 52 percent that are under water on their mortgage thanks to four straight years of a
struggling economy.
Copyright 2012 James Marsh
Now shipping the new "Getting Started Fly Fishing Set", over $300 of items to get you started fly
fishing for $175 including shipping,