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It's Time for Everything in Yellowstone to Reverse

This is about that time of the year when everything starts reversing in Yellowstone National Park. By
that I mean the streams are low and clear but will soon there will be some rain squalls in the lower
elevations of the park and a few snow storms in the higher elevations. This will dingy the water and
raise the levels in some streams for a few of the coming days ahead.  

By the closing bell, the water temperatures will have reversed from warm as they get back to cold, not
as they get, but cold. Instead of insects that are yet to hatch waiting on the water to get warmer, they
wait on the water to get colder to hatch.

Instead of the brown trout from the Madison River seeking the cool water of Hebgen Lake, they will
soon begin to return to the river as it will get cool enough for them to spawn. The trout that fled the
geyser warmed water of the Firehole River to the small tributary and headwater streams will return to
the main stem that is already cooling down some.

All the colors of Summer will fade from shades of green to shades of dull yellow, orange and gray.
Everything in Yellowstone will start preparing for the cold Winter ahead.

The number of visitors in the park will also reverse. It has already peaked and headed down. Soon the
only ones remaining will be the locals that have either lost their minds or hang out to rent
snowmobiles. Soon the only competition on the prime waters will be the locals. It's a great time to be at
Yellowstone as long as you leave by the end of the first week of October.
Copyright 2012 James Marsh