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New KISS Bug Series - Part 56

Small Western Green Drakes (Flavs)

The Small Western Green Drake, or "Flav" spinners, usually fall in good numbers but like most spinners,
the low floating insects are difficult to see during low light conditions. Look for them to collect at the bottom
end of riffles and long runs and the calmer pockets of faster pocket water streams.

Then spinners normally fall from late in the afternoons to just before dark. About the only way to see them
is to keep a close check overhead of the same areas of the stream they hatched from. The Small Western
Green Drake spinners will fall in the same general areas they emerged from. You should be able to see
them dancing about when mating, especially if there are substantial numbers of them.

The males will fall as soon as the mating is finished and the female will fly back to the nearby bushes and
trees until their eggs are ready to be deposited on the water. Within a very short time they will appear and
begin the egg laying process.

Another way to determine if the Small Western Green Drake spinners have fell is to use a skim net. A
couple of minutes with the net in the water will tell you If the spinners are there or not. They are almost
impossible to see floating spent in the surface skim during the low light conditions they normally fall under.
The spinner fall usually occurs in a short time of about an hour or less but it depends on the weather and
the sky conditions. Like most other spinner falls, cloudy days are best.

In the faster, pocket water streams, you will need to use an up and across, dead-drift presentation of the
Perfect Fly Spinner. You want to place the fly below, or at the ends of the moderate speed runs and riffles.
The spinners will also collect at the heads of pools. The trout tend to eat them in areas of the stream where
they collect as opposed to where they fall on the water.

In smooth flowing streams, a down and across, dead-drift presentation may be preferred. Long, light
leaders and tippets are usually required under smooth water conditions, even in low-light conditions. The
trout tend to just sip the spinners from the surface. They can't escape the trout and the trout are very
aware of that. Small, rise rings are usually the only indication a trout has taken your spinner imitation.
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Sm. West. Green Drakes
Availability to trout:             
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Emergence time:                
Duration of hatch period:

Perlidae family species
Throughout the park in most all streams
Moderate to Fast
2 weeks to a month