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New KISS Bug Series - Part 54

Small Western Green Drakes (Flavs)

The nymphs of the Small Western Green Drakes swim to the surface of the water to hatch into duns. The
shuck splits open and the duns emerge in the surface skim. During this time, they are easily eaten by trout.
They are completely helpless. These mayflies emerge for only an hour or so during clear, bright days. Like
many mayflies, the hatch tends to last much longer if it's a cloudy or overcast day.

It is best to fish an imitation of the nymph up until you see the first dun come off the water. At that time, I
suggest you try either our "Perfect Fly" Emerger or our Emerger with Trailing Shuck.  Both flies float with
their CDC wing suspended in the surface skim.

The Emerger imitates the nymph when the dun first starts to come out of the shuck. It looks more like the
nymph than the dun. The Emerger with Trailing Shuck imitates the dun when the nymphal shuck is still
attached to its tail. It looks more like the dun than the nymph.

You can use an up and across presentation in the pocket water streams allowing the fly to swing from the
bottom to the surface. In smooth streams you may use a down and across presentation again, allowing the
fly to swing back to the surface.
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Sm. West. Green Drakes
Availability to trout:             
Hook Size:                          
Type of water:                    
Emergence time:                
Duration of hatch period:

Perlidae family species
Throughout the park in most all streams
Moderate to Fast
2 weeks to a month