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Report On Current Yellowstone Fishing Conditions

Things are rapidly shaping up fast inside the park. The past week's weather gave anglers fits. High winds
averaging about 30MPH with even higher gust didn't exactly provide pleasant fishing conditions but fish
were still caught and in some cases, in good numbers. The wind has settled down and the long term
weather forecast is looking good.  

The Gardner River already has Salmonflies and Golden Stoneflies hatching on its lower end near the North
Entrance to the park. It will provide some excellent surface action for the next several days.  

Several of the smaller tributaries to the upper Gardner have cleared up and are in great shape.

The northeast section is still high and cold but getting into good shape fast. The upper Yellowstone River
will be open in two more weeks and should be in good shape. The Cascade Corner and the southeastern
section of the park is still high and cold.

The Firehole is about finished for this part of the season. Temperatures have reached in the mid seventies
during the day. Most of the Madison and lower Gibbons River are still in okay condition. The Gibbons
above the falls in now in good shape.

The Gallatin Rivrer is still a little high and cold but will be coming into play very soon.

For the next couple of weeks most anglers will be focusing on the Salmonfly hatch on the Madison outside
the park that's begin to progress upstream from Ennis. The hatch will move rapidly upstream as the water
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