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New KISS Bug Series - Part 48

Western Green Drake

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The Western Green Drake spinners starts late in the day after sunset and last until well after dark. It can
also occur in the early mornings. Although the spinner fall isn't always concentrated, the trout will definitely
focus on eating the large mayflies. The spinner fall can also happen after dark. On some streams at certain
times during the hatch, I assume because of different weather conditions, the spinner fall doesn't happen
during daylight hours. In the early mornings, you may find the spinners concentrated in the eddies and
pockets. Some anglers believe and some writers have written that the spinner fall occurs in the early
morning. It has also to do with the particular species,
dodsi or grandis, which don't hatch at the same time
of the season.  

Inn the late summer months when the last of the Green Drakes hatch in the Lamar Valley section of
Yellowstone National Park, we have not encountered a spinner fall underway. We do normally leave before
dark and they could be the reason.  During inclement weather at many other western streams during the
late season after the weather has turns cool, the spinner fall may not occur until the early mornings. So you
may keep that in mind.

Of course, you can always fish during the evening. We have not tried that during the Green Drake spinner
fall but I have heard others say they have been successful doing just that. If you happen to find trout
feeding on the spinners that have congregated at the ends of long runs, heads of pools, eddies or
pockets, then I would certainly suggest that you try our spent imitation of the Western Green Drake

Use an upstream, or an up and across dead-drift, presentation in faster moving, rough water. In smooth,
slick water use a down or down and across stream presentation. It is usually not necessary to use long,
light leaders due to the low light level that they normally fall under.  
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Western Green Drake

Drunella dodsi and grandis species
Most all moderate speed water streams
Early Afternoons
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