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New KISS Bug Series - Part 43

Little Yellow Stoneflies

Just so I don't forget to mention it, the Isoperla genus of the Perlodidae family is the stripetails and yellow
stoneflies. Most of the Little Yellow Stoneflies called Yellow Sallies are in this genus or group of stoneflies.

The different species of the Little Yellow Stoneflies deposit their eggs at different times of the day
depending on the species and the time of year they hatched. Some of them only do that during the
evenings. The
isoperia species, or Yellow Sallies, usually start depositing their eggs in the afternoons
prior to dark. This is one thing about the Yellow Sally that makes them important.

You should actually observe stoneflies depositing their eggs before you spend time imitating the process.
They are large enough that you can easily see them dropping down to the surface, usually bouncing along
on the surface, dropping their eggs. Sometimes they will lite on the surface for a short time but for the
most part, they knock their eggs off by touching the surface. They will usually deposit their eggs in the
riffles and runs. Wherever you see them depositing their eggs is where you should fish imitations of the
adult. You should be able to find an adult along the banks in the bushes or grass.

It would be nice if you could imitate the actual bouncing type of action but I can't make my imitation fly again
after it hits the water. You can jerk the fly around some but I end up spooking more trout than I fool. I think
it is best to use a drag free drift. Up and across cast work best for this.

I have caught as many trout imitating egg laying Yellow Sallies as I have caught in a short time span
imitating any insect.
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Little Yellow Stoneflies:
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Perlodidae family species
Most all fast to moderate water streams
Late Afternoons, mostly evenings