.......................  ....................  ...Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park

Opening Day, Looking Good

It hasn't been very long ago (the 7th through the 11th of this month) that I wrote about fishing the
Blue-winged Olive hatches in Yellowstone National Park. I did that for a good reason. The hatch usually
kick starts the fly fishing season for the park which started today.

Yes, it has been snowing and will continue to do so for a while and that's exactly what the little olives like.
There's a 70% chance of rain today with the high reaching into the mid forties. Tomorrow, the high will only
be in the high thirties with an 80% of precipitation and guess what that will be most of the time - snow.

If your there, and unless your a local I doubt you are, then pull out the BWO Perfect Fly box and hit  the
Firehole River. The Madison and even the lower Gibbon Rivers are reported to be in fair shape for this
time of the year.

Monday will be another cold one but the high will reach 47. However, for at least a week, that should end
the cold weather. Actually, it's only cold to the average human being. To Montana folks, it's probably
considered warm weather.

According to the long range weather forecast, the rest of the week will be warm with high temperatures
averaging in the high fifties and low sixties. That's hot to Montana folks. You may even see some local
bikini clad women at the Firehole swimming hole at the head of the canyon but be careful. Unless they own
a tanning bed, the color of their skin may put your eyes out.