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New KISS Bug Series - Part 13

The Blue-Winged Olives:

At least in some streams, especially the Firehole River, your going to find one of the several species of the
insects called Blue-winged Olives hatching most of the time you fish the park. In general, there's late Spring
- early Summer hatches and a late Summer-Fall hatch of them. The most important species are
bi-brooded, meaning they hatch twice a year.

There's actually several species called Blue-winged Olives, Small Blue-winged Olives and Little
Blue-winged Olives but there's
two main species that you need to be familiar with. They are the
Baetis tricaudatus and the Plauditus punctiventris. You can instantly forget the scientific names. Just
remember them as little Blue-winged Olives.

There's other
Baetis species as well as several other species of other genera of these little mayflies that
exist in the park and surrounding streams but they are not very common. Furthermore, should you
encounter them, the same flies and the same basic methods of imitating them that we provide for the two
most plentiful species will work for them.
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Blue-winged Olives:
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