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New KISS Bug Series - Part 10

Non Insect Trout Food -  Leeches, Minnows, Baitfish and Sculpin

Yes, I realize these are not bugs but I am including them. Maybe I should have called this KISS Trout Food
Series. Many species of small fish called baitfish, minnows and sculpin exist in the streams of Yellowstone.
There are also plenty of leeches in some streams.  Streamers that represent baitfish, minnows, leeches
and sculpin are usually very effective flies especially if they are used correctly and at the right times and
places. In general, fishing streamers in low light conditions or during times that the water is stained from
heavy rains can be productive because it helps disguise the fake fly enough to fool the trout.

Sculpin are available for trout to eat in every stream in Yellowstone National Park. They are imitated best
with streamers. They are various species of small fish that stays on the bottom of the streams.

Minnows, such as those in Dace family, are common in all the streams in the park and are eaten by all four
species of trout.

Leeches are in many of the streams of the park. These are usually imitated with a Wooly Bugger type of fly.
You will find them in the calmer water with soft bottom usually off the main flow of the stream. The Madison
River and the Firehole River have plenty of these creatures.

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