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Snowpack Looking Better
Finally, some snow in the Yellowstone area. Here are some graphs that depict
the current snowpack conditions in and around Yellowstone Country. The data
is in terms of snow water equivalent in inches. Remember, most of the water for
the streams in the Yellowstone comes for melting snow. Low water years are
generally not as good as high water years although either on the extreme side
aren't good. With the very warm Winter experienced so far, it has been
everyone's concern that the snowpack was going to be low. .

This is the
Upper Yellowstone River Basin:
This one doesn't look bad at all and is just a tad lower than normal.

This is the
Madison River Basin:
This one was not so good but recently improved a bunch. Let's hope the trend

Gallatin River Basin:
This one has taken an upward curve to the good but still has a way to go.

Looking at the
University of Wyoming Water Resource Data System data, things
look close to normal. The first two, the Snake River and Upper Yellowstone, give
you a good idea of the current readings. Some are inside the park.

All in all, things are looking much better thats mostly to some recent snows..

Copyright 2012 James Marsh