Speckled Peter:
.............................Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park

These caddisflies make shelter type cases called snail cases. It is doubtful trout eat
them to any great extent. We do not recommend imitations of them.

Hook: 20
Thread: Dark Brown
Head: Dark Brown
Body: Golden Brown
Wing Pad: Dark Brown
Legs: Light Brown
Tails: Light Brown
Antennae: Light Brown

Adults: (Dry)
Hook: 20
Thread: Dark Brown
Body: Amber to Yellowish Brown
Head: Dark Brown
Wings: Brownish Gray with large splotches of dark brown
Legs: Brownish Yellow
Tails: Gray
Antennae: Black with gray rings

Adulsts: (Wet)
Same as above except that you should probably use lighter shades of colors.

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Pink Ladies.(Epeorus albertae)

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