.......................  ......Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park


Excellent Fishing Conditions Throughout The Park
Conditions just get better and better!. Our local contacts who fish the park
regularly are reported great fishing conditions for the streams of Yellowstone
National Park. We also have some reports from customers who have just
returned from successful trips. The great fishing should continue and even get
better on some of the major streams.

Gallatin River:
The only problem your going to have with the Gallatin River is getting there
early before its crowded although I would guess the crowds will be down from
their peak. Most anglers want to wait until the water warms and start fishing the
stream around noon. Although the fishing will be good then, there's no need to
wait. As reported last time, the insects are hatching and the fish are eating them
big time.

Madison River:
The Madison River is cooling off some and will only get better as the days go by.
Fish are feeding on huge Trico hatches and in the afternoons on caddis.

Firehole River:
The main stream below Old Faithful is beginning to produce well again. The  
river is cooling down some and like the Madison, conditions will only get better
as the water cools even more as the days pass by.

Gibbon River:
The Gibbon River is fishing well in the fast water sections. The meadows are
also fishing well but you will have to use a lot of stealth approaching the trout.

Gardner River:
The Gardner River continues to fish great right now. Both the upper part above
the falls and the lower sections are producing. Try the meadow sections in the
lower stretch just inside the park's North Entrance. The canyon section above
and below the big bridge is also in great shape.

Upper Yellowstone River (Falls To Lake):
The Upper Yellowstone River has finally dropped down and cutthroats are still
being caught but your going to have to work for them sight fishing. Most of the
fish have moved back in the lake.

Middle Yellowstone (Canyon):
The canyon section of the Yellowstone River is in great shape and there's lots
of terrestrials including beetles, ants and plenty of grasshoppers.

Black Canyon of the Yellowstone (Slough Creek to Gardiner)
The Black Canyon section of the Yellowstone River is also in great shape. Now's
the time to make the short hike and catch plenty of trout on the surface. This
section is loaded with hoppers and other terrestrials and fishing is great.

Lamar River:
The Lamar River has been fished hard in the section along the road, but is still
producing well. There's still some Green Drakes and plenty of Flavs (Small
Western Green Drakes). Most anglers are using terrestrials and catching trout.
One customer reported lots of fish caught last week fishing our Perfect Fly Flav
Emerger as a dropper from a sandwich hopper. Although we don't recommend it
fished this way, it apparently works well.  

Soda  Butte Creek:
Soda Butte Creek has warmed up during the last few days and is in its prime.
The cutts in the lower section of the meadows have been hit hard by anglers
and have become quite selective. You can still catch them if you stay hidden.
There's tons of insects all the way to the upper headwaters, including PMDs,
Green Drakes, plenty of Spotted Sedges, Green Sedges and also tons of

Slough Creek:
Slough Creek is still in good shape and fishing well provided you stay hidden
from the trout. They have seen a few flies lately and can get picky, so we
suggest good imitations of the naturals. Terrestrial insects are plentiful and
imitations of ants, beetles and hoppers are taking fish.

Snake River:
The Snake River inside the park has come down to decent fishing levels and
just running about a month and a half behind normal schedule. We don't have
any reports from anglers fishing it yet.

Lewis River:
The Lewis River is still in good shape and fishing fine. There's plenty of caddis
in the upper, slower water areas. The canyon section is also in good shape and
has plenty of smaller trout that are not very selective.

Fall and Bechler Rivers:
We need a report on these streams. We know the water stayed high for a long
time but it's in good shape now according to the USGS stream levels. I have a
good idea it may just be a sleeper right now. I'm not certain about the condition
of the Bechler Meadows but my guess is you can look forward to good
conditions for the next two weeks.