.......................  ......Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park


The Good News
The last article was "The Good News and The Bad News". The only bad news
we can think of now would be that some of you may not have planned your 2011
fly fishing trip to Yellowstone. If that's the case, it's certainly not too late. In fact,
the best of the season will just be getting underway. By the time you can
probably get there, it will be coming into its prime. The months of August and
September should both be great and much better than they normally are due to
this "wet" season.
The streams inside Yellowstone National Park have all
reached their maximum peaks and are falling at a good rate.

The Madison and the Gibbon Rivers are probably the best choice on the
western side of the park at the current time but things are changing fast. The
Gibbon River' upper fast water sections will only be getting better throughout the
coming week and in the near future. The meadows will fish well if fished
correctly. The Madison River should stay in decent shape longer than it
normally does. There's some PMDs and plenty of caddisflies.  

The Gallatin River is clear but still a little high and very cold. By the time you can
get there, it should be in very good shape.

The Firehole River is down but getting too warm to fish during the afternoons. If
you fish the river, do so in the mornings. The upper sections of the headwaters
should be just fine.

The Yellowstone River is still extremely high but falling. The section above the
Falls should begin to get into good shape during the first of August. The canyon
section (below the Falls) downstream to the Lamar River confluence will be a
little later than the upper section. The Black Canyon section of the Yellowstone
(from Lamar River confluence to Gardiner) should become fishable within the
next week. The Lamar River is clearing and dropping faster than the main
Yellowstone River and that should help the lower section some.

Soda Butte Creek and the Lamar River are both still high and cold but rapidly
getting into good shape. Soda Butte will probably follow the Lamar by a week or
so. It is very high at this time. Within the next couple of weeks, both of these
streams will probably begin to be choice locations. Remember the Lamar is
greatly influenced by local rainfall in the huge valley and upper headwaters, so
you should check its current condition anytime prior to fishing it.

Slough Creek is still a little high but can be fished at this time and will be a prime
location for the coming days.

The lower Gardner River is fishable and Salmonflies have been hatching. The
Golden Stoneflies and Little Yellow Stoneflies should be the thing the coming
week or so. The higher upstream, the worse the conditions get but the upper
part of the river is dropping and clearing fast, so the entire Gardner drainage
should be in good shape very soon.

The Snake River is still high and will probably be around the end of the first
week of August before it gets into good shape.

The Lewis River is clear but high. Brown, Green and Gray Drakes, mostly in the
meadow sections below the bridge. Little Yellow Stoneflies in the faster water
sections. Plenty of caddisflies everywhere.

I don't have any reports from the Cascade Corner and the Fall and Bechler
Rivers. They are still high according to the USGS streamflow data.