.......................  ......Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park


The  Good News and The Bad News

Lets get rid of the bad news first. The bad news is that stream conditions inside
the park are still not good. In fact, from purely a fishing standpoint, most of them
are in terrible shape. The least affected stream in the park at the current time is
probably the Madison River but even it isn't in good shape. It is fishable but
that's about it. All the other major streams are very high, blown out and some
are even setting records. The upper Yellowstone River below the lake opened
yesterday but it's dangerously high and setting records for flows.

The good news is that the runoff condition isn't going to last forever. The snow
is melting and the streams will be in prime shape before long. This could end up
being a very good season for the park. Normally, August and early September is
slow with low, warm water conditions in many streams but this year should be
different. Just a few years ago streams were being closed due to warm water.
The bottom line to all of this is that everything is about a month behind.

I know that so far, the fishing season for Yellowstone Park has been very
disappointing for many. I happen to know some anglers who planned to travel
there during the past three weeks or so that have either gone and been
disappointed, or didn't go, and payed a penalty for cancelling or changing their
airline flights. I don't know if this was a results of them on their own, planning a
trip too early for the huge snowpack conditions, or if it was the results of fly
shops and outfitters misleading them. I really think it was largely poor planning
on the part of the anglers, meaning they didn't think to check the current and
predicted conditions of the runoff and/or weather.

I also know that so far, the season has probably been tough on fly shops,
outfitters and guides in the Yellowstone area, although there's always been a
few places outside the park where fishing has been good. Hopefully, the coming
months will be much better for everyone than August, September and even the
first part of October normally are. As the old saying goes, when the storm clouds
get the darkest, the sun is going to rise.

My suggestion for everyone who is interested in fishing one of the finest areas
of the World they could select for fly fishing - the greater Yellowstone area - is to
plan on going starting as early as a couple of weeks from now. I'm confident that
you won't be disappointed.