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Planning A Yellowstone Fly Fishing Trip - Current Weather and
Stream Conditions In The Park

You can click on this map provided by Yellowstone Park and determine the
stream flows at all the stations in the park.

As it has been for most of the month of June, the runoff is still in progress in
most of the streams in the park. It won't be long but for now, that's still the
situation. There are some changes taking place for the good.

Up until now, if you wanted to travel to Yellowstone National Park, and for most
people, that's a few hundred or thousand miles, to fish high, off-colored water
with streamers and nymphs by walking the banks, then you should have been
there. The Firehole River has been the only stream that provided that
opportunity and quite frankly, I could name a hundred places elsewhere in the
nation that would have provided better fishing opportunities.
Things are
changing and changing fast and you will see conditions improve greatly
over the next few days on many streams.

Madison River:
The Madison River is just now beginning to be fishable. Yes, I know, the locals
have been fishing it and the Firehole River for days now, and they have been
catching some trout or at least claiming they did. Sometimes it's difficult to tell
exactly which one.

According to our local sources of information that we can rely on, the Madison is
just now beginning to provide some good fishing opportunities. Salmonfly
hatches are being reported along with PMDs and plenty of caddisflies. The
great thing about the Madison is we expect it to fish well throughout the
Summer, except maybe on the very hottest days. That's not usually the case. It's
purely an advantage of what's called a "wet" year.

Firehole River:
The Firehole should be dropping for the next several days, although there will
be fluctuations. The PMD and caddisfly hatches will get better and better as the
river warms. It should fish very good from now until at least the middle of July,
pending decent weather. There have been recent reports of Salmonflies in the

Gibbon River:
The lower canyon section of the Gibbon River is fishable at this time and should
get better every day. The meadows are still very soggy and only fishable if you
want to fish the banks with nymphs and streamers.

Gallatin River:
The Gallatin River is still high and cold. There's better places but that won't be
true for long. Our guess is it will be at least mid July for this stream to fish well.

Gardner River:
The Gardner River is still high and cold. Lots of muddy water from the runoff. I
expect it to be at least mid July before I could recommend it. Again, please keep
in mind, that's not because you couldn't catch plenty of trout before then. I just
don't think anyone would want to take a trip to Yellowstone to fish high,
off-colored water.

Slough Creek:
We just outfitted a gentlemen from Alabama with flies for fishing Slough Creek in
mid July. That will be close, very close, to the time it really begins to fish well. Of
course, when it does get good there will be plenty of anglers there to fish it and
competition will begin not only from the fish, but from other anglers.

My guess is it will be at least mid July before the upper meadows becomes very
fishable. It could be even later, depending on several factors but mostly the
weather. One thing is for certain. It should fish much better than it normally does
during August.

Lamar River:
The Lamar River can become muddy even after the runoff is over. Right now,
forget it. You should always check ahead before traveling there from anywhere
but the Northeast Entrance. My guess is that it will be near the end of July  
before the Lamar River gets into prime shape.

Soda Butte:
It will clear before the Lamar but expect mid July at the earliest date and maybe
even later for it to be in great shape.

Yellowstone River:
Opening July 15th above the Falls but I wouldn't doubt it still being on the high
side. From the Falls to the Lamar River Confluence, you may as well forget it
until at least near the end of July. The Black Canyon should also begin to get
into good shape by the end of July.

Lewis River and Snake River:
I understand the Lewis River is fairly clear just below the Lake in the channel.
The Snake River is out of the question until near the end of July.

Get Ready, Set, Go:
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help you out with that.

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