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Planning A Yellowstone Fly Fishing Trip - Current Weather and
Stream Conditions In The Park

You can click on this map provided by Yellowstone Park and determine the
stream flows at all the stations in the park.

Reports from the locals are consistent that the Madison Valley streams, Madison
River, Gibbon River and Firehole River, are in good shape for the early season.
As almost always during the early season, the best opportunity is on the
Firehole River. Hatches of small Blue-winged Olives, size 18
baetis species, are
occurring in the afternoons. There's also reports of decent PMD hatches taking
place on the Firehole.

The Gibbon is running much colder, of course. The mixture of its water along
with the warmer water of the Firehole River has the Madison River in decent
shape to fish. You would probably want to fish streamers and larger nymphs on
the Madison.

Most all the other streams in the park are not in good shape, fishing wise. The
Gallatin is clear but very cold. The Yellowstone is still high and cold. The
Northeast corner of the park is probably out of the picture until well into July.

All of this is subject to change this coming weekend.
Temperatures are expected
to rise to as warm as 60 degrees on Saturday, with 64 predicted by Sunday at
West Yellowstone Montana. It should rain and snow on Friday and this isn't
going to help.

My guess is the streams will remain in good shape at least through Saturday
and possibly through Sunday, depending on the amount of rain and melting
snow. The warm weather and rain that's expected will bring about much higher
water levels by the first of next week.

If you are can get to Yellowstone in a hurry, you will probably encounter some
good fishing opportunities. Fishing conditions inside the park next week, aren't
looking so good although I'm sure there will be places you can catch trout.
There's a good snowpack and it will be melting at some point in the near future.

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