White Miller
.............................Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park

The White Miller larvae are probably eaten by trout to some degree but as just to what
extent is unknown. We have not attempted to imitate the larvae cases. If anyone has,
we would appreciate hearing from them.

The pupae hatch on the surface but do so for the most part in the evenings. Blue
Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone, has developed a fly for the pupa stage of life of this
caddisfly. It is called the "White Miller Soft Hackle Emerger". You may want to give it a

The egg laying activity it the highlight of the White Miller hatch as far as we are
concerned. It usually starts in the afternoon and gets to going stronger near dark. It
probably continues through the night.
The females fly just above the water but do touch and even lite on the surface when
they deposit their eggs. The trout eat them as fast as they can catch them.
The light colored caddis are easy to spot even in low light situations. Just by watching
the stream you can observe where most of the activity is occurring. At times there are
so many flies on the water it is difficult to get the trout to notice your fly. We have had
the best results working on individual trout rising or I should say chasing the egg laying

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