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Planning A Yellowstone Fly Fishing Trip - Gibbon River - Part 15
We fish the fast water sections of the Gibbon River in an upstream direction
making lots of relatively short cast. An area like that shown in the picture can
produce a lot of trout if you slowly progress upstream fan casting the current
seams of the riffles.

This image was taken about the middle of July. You can see the aquatic
vegetation (the darker areas of water) has come up well off the bottom. This
gives the brown trout plenty of places to hide and you never know exactly where
you are going to get a rise. It's difficult to read the water because every place
there looks like it would be a good holding spot for a trout. Sometimes most of
the likely looking places do hold a willing taker.

In mid-July there's several aquatic insects hatching including lots of caddisflies.
Choosing the right fly isn't that great of a challenge most of the time.  

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