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Planning A Yellowstone Fly Fishing Trip - Gibbon River - Part 13
I haven't written much about the upper part of the Gibbon River except to
mention Grebe Lake yesterday. The Gibbon River starts out from Grebe Lake.
From there it flows into Wolf Lake. Below Wolf Lake the stream drops off the
plateau and increases its speed due to the steeper decline. The Gibbon River is
a small stream in this area. There are some rainbows in this section.

The river flows into the Virginia Meadows next and from there, over the Virginia
Cascades into Norris Meadows. There are a lot of brook trout in the lower end of
the stream prior to reaching Norris Meadows. The section of the river above
Norris Junction can be accessed at several places along the Norris-Canyon

Angie releases a nice rainbow in the upper section of the river.

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