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Planning A Yellowstone Fly Fishing Trip - Gibbon River - Part 10
As you can see in the image below, you can easily access the Gibbon River by
just pulling off the side of the loop road in many areas. It's rarely over a few
hundred yards from the road from its upper headwaters to its confluence with
the Firehole River where to two streams form the Madison River. There are
miles of long sections of riffles like those shown in the picture and most of the
time, you can have the stream to yourself.

We rarely choose the Gibbon River as our main destination for the day. There
are many other choices within the same general area of Yellowstone National
Park. Most of the time we fish the Gibbon River we are staying in nearby West
Yellowstone. On our way back from or to other destinations we usually stop off
at various locations along the loop road just for a short time. That's because
you can usually catch plenty of trout within a very short time.

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