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Planning A Yellowstone Fly Fishing Trip - Gibbon River - Part 9
One of the things you can do to catch trout in the early part of the season in the
fast water sections of the Gibbon River is to fish a larger attractor dry fly and a
small nymph dropper. We don't do this unless the action slows down some, but
when it does, this always seems to produce. By slowing down some I mean
when  your not catching a trout about every ten minutes. The action is usually
fast in the riffles and run sections between the meadows.

This can only be done easily in the early part of the season, meaning June and
July. By August the stream's aquatic vegetation covers the streambed in most
places and fishing a nymph can be a challenge. By adjusting the depth of your
dropper rig, you can drift a small nymph just above the grass and weeds. At
times this will produce a trout on just about every other cast.

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