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Planning A Yellowstone Fly Fishing Trip - Gibbon River - Part 7
This is another of the upper Gibbon Meadows, named appropriately The Gibbon
Meadows. It's downstream of Elk Park about a mile. The narrower the river, the
deeper the water as a general rule. Angie is fishing up close against the right
side bank as close as she can get her fly, hoping to entice one of the larger
brown trout into taking her hooper imitation this particular early Summer day.

As mentioned in previous articles, the smooth sections of the Gibbon River in
the meadows are more difficult to fish. The trout normally get a good look at
your fly. This is one stream that has the large brown drakes as well as a
population of Gray Drakes. The bottom is soft in most areas and this provides a
good habitat for the large, burrower drake nymphs.  Notice there's an island in
this part of the river.

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