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Planning A Yellowstone Fly Fishing Trip - Gibbon River - Part 5
This is the beautiful upper Gibbon Meadows, Elk Park. Looks like buffalo is in
the meadows instead of elk this particular day. Angie is pointing out trout  
sipping insects from the surface. This section of the Gibbon River consist mostly
of smooth flowing water and requires a lot more stealth than the sections with
faster flowing water that's between meadows.

This was taken near the end of June which is normally a good time to fish the
upper meadows. There's usually a large variety of aquatic insects hatching and
this certainly helps make it easier to catch trout in the smooth water. Longer,
and sometimes downstream presentations are required to fool the fish.

This section can get a little crowded at times near the first of the season but
normally by this time most of the anglers have already started fishing other
locations in and outside of the park.
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