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Planning A Yellowstone Fly Fishing Trip - Gibbon River - Part 3
The Gibbon River can produce some nice size trout. The one in the image
below is larger than the average size for the Gibbon. It was feeding heavily on
egg laying caddis in the early evening well past the time most anglers were back
in West Yellowstone for the night.

In the late part of June and early July, we have caught as many as twenty to
thirty trout in the late afternoon, well after the sun set. The trout will usually feed
on the many different species of caddisflies at this time of day. There are
species of Spotted Sedges, Little Sister Caddis, Green Sedges, Short\-horned
Sedges and other species of caddis most of which are most active late in the
day on into the evening. There was barely enough light left for Angie to take this

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