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Planning A Yellowstone Fly Fishing Trip - Gibbon River - Part 1
The Gibbon River is one of our favorite small streams in Yellowstone National
Park. It's easy to access and usually available to fish just about anywhere you
wish to try. It's usually near the end of June before the river gets into good
shape but it all depends on the weather and amount of melting snow.

When most anglers think of the Gibbon River, they think of the wide open
meadows. The meadows are one of the key features of the river but that doesn't
mean you should overlook the many miles of fast, pocket water and long
sections of riffles that lies between the meadows.

The trout don't average as large as they do in the meadows, or the other
nearby rivers, like the Madison and Firehole, but there's plenty of them and they
are usually easy to catch.

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