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Planning A Yellowstone Fly Fishing Trip - The Madison River - 8

The image below shows what I consider a fly fishing paradise. This is as good as
any section of tailwater there is in the United States. It has a good population of
large rainbow trout as well as some big brown trout. It is good most anytime of
the year as long as the water levels are okay and they are most of the time.

Again, I want to stress that this area gets very crowded for a week or two when
the salmonflies hatch but other than that, it isn't usually crowded. It has a great
number of aquatic insects. Mayflies, stoneflies and caddisflies are very plentiful.
There's something hatching about all year. In cold weather, the river provides
excellent midge fishing, so I'm told. I haven't fished it in the Winter.

I can tell you from personal experience from about the end of the runoff period,
and for a month or so before the runoff, until late Fall, this tailwater section
below Hebgen Lake and Just above Quake Lake is exceptional.

Fishing this section is like hunting in an African Jungle. You just don't know what
to expect.

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