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Planning A Yellowstone Fly Fishing Trip - The Madison River - 7

The river between the lakes, as I call it, is a great place to fish the Madison
River. It can be crowded but it's usually only when the large salmonflies are
hatching. Just after runoff time in June is an excellent time for this section of the
river. Fishing is good throughout the entire Winter on warm days when you can
get to the water. As a matter of fact, fishing is good most all the time.

Because it's a tailwater not far below the Hebgen Dam, its water remains at a
fairly constant temperature. This also helps with the ice problem found in the
Winter and early Spring season farther downstream.

It just seems like there will be a surprise behind every boulder and rock and
often there is. The water consist of shallow areas right out in the center, deep
areas right up against the bank, holes that are deep behind boulders, deep fast
water runs, shallow riffles and everything you can think of. There isn't a pattern
to it. It's just rough pocket water at its best.

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