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Planning A Yellowstone Fly Fishing Trip - The Madison River - 5

One of the first hatches of the year in the Yellowstone area comes from species
all of which are called Blue-winged Olives. This is a common name for many
different species of mayflies most of which are of the
Beatis genus. The one on
my finger is a BWO that came from the tailwater of the Madison River below
Hebgen Lake.

Different species of these mayflies hatch in the streams around Yellowstone
National Park before runoff, some during the runoff period, and others shortly
after the runoff. It all depends on the location and weather. It's a mayfly you
should always have imitations of. Yes, they are small but don't let that fool you.
Trout will eat them just as readily as any mayfly and since BWOs represent
several species, some of which hatch two or even three times a year, they are
probably the most important of all mayflies.

Copyright 2011 James Marsh