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Planning A Yellowstone Fly Fishing Trip - The Madison River - 3

It's late June at the time the image shown below was captured and I'm hooked
up with a good size rainbow taking drag. Notice there's not any other anglers in
sight and that's because the salmon flies haven't starting hatching. Up until that
point in time, everyone except the locals tend to wait about taking their first
fishing trip to the Madison River. Once the runoff ends, the fishing turns
excellent. You don't have to wait on anything to hatch. Near the end of Spring in
this part of Montana, all of the big salmonfly nymphs are in the water along with
most every other aquatic insects that live in the Madison River.

If you don't like fishing when you have to pick your on rock to fish from (when it's
crowded), simply go earlier in the season. You will find the fishing conditions
excellent and you will have your choice of many, many places to fish. You will
also probably catch just as many or more trout.
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