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Planning A Yellowstone Fly Fishing Trip - Harriman State Park
The tailwater section below Ashton Dam isn't the only section of the Henry's
Fork of the Snake River that has some nice rainbows. The Harriman State Park
does too. This photo of Angie was taking during the later part of the month of
June in the smooth water of the park during the Green Drake Hatch; however,
this one was caught on our Perfect Fly imitation of the Adult Spotted Sedge.
There are huge hatches of caddisflies every afternoon and they bring up just as
many trout as the big Green Drakes.

Normally, there are lots of anglers fishing this section of the river during the later
part of June. We choose a section of the stream below the area most anglers
fish. These trout can become well aware by the large numbers of anglers
wading the clear, spring-creek like water.

The season in the Harriman State Park section of the Henery's Fork doesn't
open until June 15. This is to protect nesting waterfoul. It's open until November
30 and fishing is generally good the entire season. The trout are huge in this
section and tend to be a little on the picky side. They can be tough to catch at
times but usually when you do succeed, it's well worth the time and effort it takes
to hook one of its big selective rainbows.

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