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Planning A Yellowstone Fly Fishing Trip - Ashton Dam Tailwater -
Henry's Fork of the Snake River - Part 5

This is the last of the series written about the tailwater section of the Henry's
Fork of the Snake River below Ashton Dam. You can't see them at the distance
this shot was taken, but the smooth surface of the river is covered with Green
Drakes and later on in the day, huge numbers of caddisflies. Right now, April 1,
the river should have hatches of Blue-winged olives taking place. From about
the middle to the end of May, the large Salmonflies should begin to hatch.

Don't forget the Pale Morning Duns. They hatch in this section in huge numbers
and so does the larger Gray Drake. This part of the river has lots of spring
water and an excellent pH level. This accounts for its prolific hatches.

In case you missed the previous articles, I will repeat that this is
one of the
most overlooked sections of the Snake River
and one of the best areas
to fish during the early part of the season in the Yellowstone area.

Although you can catch trout much earlier, June is one of the best months to
fish the river in this section.

Although the water is smooth in this particular location, the river is divided by
some islands and the water consist mostly of long runs, riffles and pools. Access
to the river is good even though the property is mostly private.

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