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Planning A Yellowstone Fly Fishing Trip - Ashton Dam Tailwater -
Henry's Fork of the Snake River - Part 3

Just as soon as the word gets out the fishing is hot somewhere else all the
guides leave. One day after the river was full of boats, the word got out the
fishing was hot over the mountain in the Madison River and the crowd left. I
rather have the Snake River to myself anytime.

The fishing didn't let up at all. It was just as good this day as it was a week
before yet when it was crowded. I caught and released at least a dozen
rainbows that were all over 14 inches with one reaching 17. I don't consider that
bad for a half day of fishing. Angie caught six about the same size. We both
never fish at the same time unless we have a cameraman along with us. One of
us runs the camera otherwise.

The Green Drake mayflies were still hatching. It just doesn't get much better
than this. I guess most anglers consider this out of the way. It's just off the main
highway that runs through Aston, Idaho. It's a very good section of the Snake
River. It's one of our favorite places to fish the Snake.

Notice how far out in the river it's still not knee deep. There are trout from one
side to the other. With the drift boats gone, the trout settle down and are easier
to catch. All the boats coming through tends to spook them in the shallow water.

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