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Planning A Yellowstone Fly Fishing Trip - Ashton Dam Tailwater -
Henry's Fork of the Snake River - Part 2

I think one reason the rainbow trout average a very large size in this part of the
river is the fact it's the beginning of a lake. The water is backed up by Chester
Dam not far downstream. Trout grow larger in lakes where they feed primarily on
other fish than they do rivers. This is in essence the beginning of a lake.

This river can be fished during very cold weather, so I'm told. We have not
fished it prior to mid-May but according to the locals, midge fishing is good
during the winter. The water doesn't freeze up in the tailwater section. Also
there's spring water seepage that helps keep it warm during the winter.

You can fish most of this section of the river year-round. The Henry's Fork is
open from the Riverside Campground downstream. The part from Ashton
Reservoir to the Vernon Bridge is open only during the general Idaho season.

Don't associate this section with the Harriman State Park section. This section
fishes a lot easier. Although the flows are similar, the fish seem to take your flies
much more readily here than they do in the Harriman section of the river.

As I said yesterday, this isn't exactly a secret. Guides take their clients there
because they know it's the hot spot. This picture was taken near the end of June
when several species of mayflies were hatching including Green Drakes.

Although drift boats are a common sight in the early season, the river can be
easily waded in most areas most of the time.

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