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Planning A Yellowstone Fly Fishing Trip- Below Ashton Dam on
the Henry's Fork of the Snake River

In this series of articles, we will feature some of the waters in the greater
Yellowstone area as well as Yellowstone National Park. The fishing season and
action gets underway much earlier on some of the streams near Yellowstone
than it does inside the park itself. This is especially true of the tailwaters where
the water levels and rates of flow are more stable. In some cases the bottom
discharges let water through that is warmer than the water in the freestone

One of the early season hot spots is the lower end of the Henry's Fork of the
Snake River. It really gets everyone attention from near the end of May to the
first part of July when huge hatches of mayflies, caddis and stoneflies take
place. The section from Ashton Dam to Chester Dam is one of the best sections
of the Snake River.

Angie tying on a fly on the Henrys Fork below Ashton Dam. There's some huge
rainbow trout in this section of the Henry's Fork of the Snake River.

This isn't exactly a secret. More tomorrow.

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