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Yellowstone Trip Planning - Gibbon River - October
The Gibbon River cools down during the month of October similarly to the
Madison River which it helps form. Large brown trout move all the way up into
the Gibbon River as far as the base of the falls from Hebgen Lake. Yes, they
have to pass all the way through the Madison River to do this. Although you
shouldn't ever try to catch during the actual spawning process off their redds,
you can catch them at other times. They become very aggressive long befoe
going on the redds and can be caught fairly easily on streamers and large

In the early part of October, you may find some decent fishing in the upper
meadows, such as Elk Park You can expect to see some snow during the month
of October on the upper sections of the Gibbon River. On a good day, you
could get a shot at one of the larger brown trout there. The fast water sections
above the falls may produce but the trout will be on the small side. There isn't
much reason you should fish for the smaller trout when large spawning brown
trout are nearby.

Normally, the best of the BWO hatch takes place the first half of the month. The
later it is in October, the less your chances of catching good weather and the
BWO hatches. You want it to be cloudy and maybe even misting rain or snow
but you also want to be able to drive there to fish.

You may see two different size of them at the first of the month. Little hook size
20 and 22 olives and usually later or at the same time, larger hook size 18
baetis BWOs. There will also still be plenty of White Miller caddisflies in the lower
section of the Gibbon River below the falls. They should still be around to near
the end of the month, depending on the weather which can vary considerably.

Don't overlook fishing streamers and soft hackle flies during October, especially
if there are not any hatches taking place. Streamers will still take the larger
browns and rainbows. A soft hackle fished down and across will usually also
prove to be worthwhile.
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