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Yellowstone Trip Planning - Firehole River - October
The Firehole River cools down during the month of October and again becomes
one of the top streams to consider. Unlike many other streams in Yellowstone,
the Firehole doesn't become the hot spot to fish because of spawning brown
trout. It's the Blue-winged Olive hatch that turns both the trout and the anglers
on. It does have its share of the migrating brown trout. They do move into the
canyon section of the Firehole from the Madison River but most anglers focus
on the upstream fishing. Of course there are plenty of brown trout upstream in
the Firehole that also will spawn but the spawn usually occurs after the other
streams in the park because of its geyser influenced warmer water temperatures.

You can expect to see plenty of snow in October on the upper sections of the
Firehole River. Normally, the best of the BWO hatch takes place the first half of
the month. The later it is in October, the less your chances of catching good
weather and the BWO hatches. Of course, good weather and good BWO
hatches don't go together. You want it to be cloudy and maybe even misting rain
or snow but you don't want to have to get there in a helicopter. There will also
still be plenty of White Miller caddisflies around at the first of the month.

Fishing the BWO hatch, even when it is occurring in full force, isn't a pushover.
The trout in the Firehole River aren't easily fooled. You will need to make some
very good presentations and you should use very good imitations of the little
Olives. You may see two different size of them at the first of the month. Little
hook size 20 and 22 olives and usually later or at the same time, larger hook
size 18
baetis BWOs.

Don't overlook fishing streamers and soft hackle flies during October, especially
if there are not any hatches taking place. Streamers will still take the larger
browns and rainbows. A soft hackle fished down and across will usually also
prove to be worthwhile. Irrespective of the fly you fish, you will definitely want to
consider the Firehole River as one of your destinations during the month of
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