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Yellowstone Trip Planning - Madison River - October
The month of October can be one of the best and possibly, the best time to fish
the Madison River in Yellowstone National Park. The river is full of big trout that
have moved out of Hebgen Lake. The Brown trout fishing can be great until the
season ends the first Sunday in November. There's only one problem with
fishing during this time and that is you may not get to fish some days. The
weather can turn very bad during a few days of October but if you are at
Yellowstone, the best place to be when that happens is on the Madison River.
It's at a relatively low elevation for the park and you can catch trout on the
coldest days in October if you can physically stand to fish the foul days.

You shouldn't fish for the brown trout when they are on their redds but there will
be plenty of them that aren't. As the month progresses you will find some that
haven't begin to spawn (pre-spawn, some spawning, and some that have
spawned (post spawn). It is unsportmanlike in our opinion to fish for those on
their redds.

Soft hackles and streamers are two of the preferred flies. You can fish both
down and across and usually do well. There will also be two basic Blue-winged
Olive hatches. One, the first to appear that is usually underway the first of
October, will be very small BWOs of a hook size 20 or 22, depending on the
gender. The the
baetis BWOs will also appear and may be hatching the first of
October. This hatch brings on the best action from the trout. The cloudy days it
is misting rain or snow are the best ones for the BWO hatch. These are a hook
size 18. In addition there will still be plenty of White Miller Caddisflies around the
first of the month.

I would suggest you avoid the popular holes. There should be plenty of trout,
both rainbows and browns, just about everywhere you fish on the Madison.
Again, I repeat, all things considered, October can be a great time to fish the
Madison River.
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