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Yellowstone Trip Planning - Lower Yellowstone River - September
This section of the Yellowstone River that we call the Lower River is
approximately twenty miles long and also called the
Black Canyon. It provides a
very interesting adventure and usually plenty of cutthroat trout for those that
fish it. There are also some rainbow and hybrids in the lower section and even
some brown trout in its lowest section near Gardiner. You will need to do some
hiking, but there are some places you can access the stream on a day trip.
Some areas of the river would require an overnight trip unless you wanted to set
some hiking records. September is a good month to fish this section of the river.

The Black Canyon begins at the Grand Loop Road Bridge over the Yellowstone
River near Tower. The Yellowstone River Trail follows the river the entire length
of the Black Canyon. There are several areas you can access it from the Grand
Loop Road. Just be aware there are several areas of the river that are well
below the Yellowstone Trail and you may need to hike farther to get to the water
where you can fish.

The Gardner River is this sections largest tributary. It flows in the upper section
of the Black Canyon. Hellroaring Creek is another one on the North side of the
river but there is a foot bridge that crosses the river to it. Blacktail Deer Creek is
the only other sizeable tributary.

Although attractor flies may work okay in this section during September, you
should have plenty of Blue-winged Olive imitations with you. Pale Evening Duns
and Yellow Quills should be present for most of the month in some areas. There
may be some Gray Drakes the first week or two of September. PMDs could also
still be around the first week or so of the month.

Terrestrials would be the main ticket. Imitations of ants, beetles and hoppers
normally work well during September. Use these terrestrial flies until you see any
of the above hatches taking place.