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Yellowstone Trip Planning - Upper Yellowstone River - September
Much of the Upper Yellowstone River is the most remote water in Yellowstone
National Park. You can cross the lake by boat and fish some of the streams
near their entrance to the lake but to fish any other areas of the stream you will
have to do a lot of walking or horseback riding. Early September is a good
month to explore the Southeast Section of the Park. The weather could turn on
the cold and foul side anytime from mid September on.

The river actually starts outside the park and flows for thirty miles to Yellowstne
Lake. The upper part is generally steep and wouldn't be the best choice for
September. Its cutthroat are smaller than those in the lower sections anyway
and other than just getting to see the sights you would be wise to fish the lower
sections of the stream. We suggest you have someone else with you and
suggest you also consider one of the outfitters than travel into this section of the
park. It's very remote and only experienced back country people should attempt
a trip into the headwaters or mid range Upper Yellowstone River area.

The Thorofare Trail is a very long trail. After all, it reaches into the remote
center of the largest wilderness in the lower 48 states. It's a fairly easy trail to
hike and mostly just follows the eastern shore of Yellowstone Lake. Much of the
slow moving lower section of the Yellowstone River can be reached from it. This
article isn't about fishing the lake, but we should mention that the Thorofare
Trail pases some of the best places to fish the lake. Fishing the lake would
probably be more productive than fishing the river during September.

The upper Yellowstone River is all remote wilderness country.  It meanders back
and forth through a large valley with lots of willows. It's much bette suited for
moose than anglers. You would also be a perfect spot for grizzles.

If you are interested in adventure, more so than fishing, we could recommend it
for the early part of September. Other than some areas near the lake, we
wouldn't otherwise do so. There would be many more suitable destinations for
fishing during September.
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