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Yellowstone Trip Planning - Lamar River - September
The Lamar River is a good destination for September. The trout along the
Northeast Entrance Road will have seen a lot of flies and many of them probably
will have been caught at least once. As with any other time, you should check
the condition of the Lamar River to make sure it's clear enough to fish.
Thunderstorms that dump much rain in the almost thirty mile long section above
the confluence of Soda Butte Creek can muddy the water. The good thing is
that most of the time the Lamar is muddy, Soda Butte and Slough Creek are
usually clear and you won't waist the long trip to the Lamar Valley.

The least fished sections of the Lamar River is the area a mile or two above the
Soda Butte Confluence (about 25 miles of water); the canyon section at the end
of the huge meadow section (2 miles of water); and the canyon section above its
confluence with the Yellowstone River (about 5 miles of water). In other words,
there's a lot of the Lamar River that isn't heavily fished. These area would
provide your best options although you can still catch trout in the huge meadow
section of the valley.

The large Drake Mackerels will be hatching from the first to the middle of
September and Blue-winged Olives should hatch near the end of the month.
Terrestrial imitations should continue to work well all month. The cutthroats will
be a little more cautious than they are at the first of the season but you can still
catch them provided you use a little caution approaching them. Most years, the
water in the Lamar River is on the low side for most of the month of September.
This makes it a little easier in locating the trout in the river but a little more
difficult to approach.

The key to this is that if you will spend some time to get away from the section of
the river along the Northeast Entrance Road, you will stand a good chance have
a great day of fishing on the Lamar River during September.