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Yellowstone Trip Planning - Fall River and Bechler River -

The first of September can be one of the best times you can fish the meadow
sections of the Bechler River and the meadows of the Fall River, for that matter.
We warn you, however, that at some point in September, the weather will
probably turn against anglers trying to fish these streams. The later it is in the
month, the higher the odds are for that to happen. This may not make much
sense but what I am trying to say is that the first part of September can be the
best time you could fish these streams or the worst time you could have chosen
depending on the weather. You should take a close look on the weather
forecast before heading in that direction. The Southwest Corner of the park is
usually the first place to get some snow. It usually snows there in late August.

The meadow sections are the best areas of either the Fall River or the Bechler
River. They aren't the only sections that provide good fishing opportunities
though. You can catch plenty of trout in most any other area of either of these
two streams. They both are long, relatively large streams with a large variety of
different types of water. You will find rainbows and cutthroats and lots of
cutbows in most of the fast water areas.

We should also mention that the meadow sections are more difficult to fish than
the fast water sections of either of these two streams. They have some of the
larger trout but that don't mean you will automatically catch them. They can be
very trough to catch. The area is open clear water, with little cover. It flows
smooth and the trout can spot you just as well or better than you can spot them.
It requires sight casting to the trout. Blind casting techniques don't stand much
of a chance for success, especially in the Bechler Meadows. If you are not into
that type of fishing, you may be wise to fish the other areas of the Bechler River
or the Fall River. It also takes some effort to access these meadows, so keep
that in mind. You can find information on how to access them in the "stream
section" of this website.
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