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Yellowstone Trip Planning - Soda Butte Creek - September
Soda Butte Creek is one of our favorite streams in Yellowstone National Park. It
has a very wide range of different types of water from slow moving, smooth
flowing water in it's meadows, to fast, pocket water in its upper headwaters.

The lower section of the stream from the Lamar River confluence upstream for
the first few miles flows through large meadows. There will still be plenty of large
cutthroat trout in this part of Soda Butte Creek but they will be much more
difficult to catch than they were at the first of July. That doesn't mean they will be
tough to catch. It just means that you will have to use some caution in
approaching them. If they see you, they probably won't fall for your fly.

The middle section of the stream in the area near the Pebble Creek confluence
will hold a lot more cutthroats than the lower section but they will average a
smaller size. They too will have seen a lot of flies and anglers during July and
August. You will need to use more than the normal amount of stealth.

As far as we are concerned, the best part of the stream during September is the
upper section above the ice box canyon all the way to the park's boundary. You
can start at the bridge where the Northeast Entrance Road passes over Soda
Butte for the last time before exiting the park. Fishing upstream in the pocket
water should produce lots of small to medium size cutthroat trout.

These fish will not have been pressured nearly as much as those in the lower
part of the stream. It's doubtful you will see many, if any other anglers. Imitations
of terrestrials will still work well, especially during the first part of September. You
should also find plenty of hatching insects even though it's late in the season.

If you are in the Northeast section of the park, you should give Soda Butte
Creek a chance to produce for you.
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