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Yellowstone Trip Planning - Middle River - September
The Middle River is always a sleeper. It isn't fished very much during the busiest
times of the season, much less September. Fishing for the small brook trout and
cutthroat can be excellent anytime during the month. These trout don't see
many flies and usually aggressively take just about anything you toss them.

The lower part of the stream near the road is easy to access and should provide
all the fish you want. It's almost always out of sight from the East Entrance Road
but it's never over a couple hundred yards away. You can normally park
anywhere along the highway, walk a few feet, and catch plenty of trout. The
brook trout are among the largest in the park.

Before the month is over, you may find some large brown trout moving into the
Middle River from the Shoshone River to spawn. This can bring about some
added excitement to this small stream. Be sure to take some streamers with you
in the event you spot one.

You can hike upstream as far as you care to go and continue to catch plenty of
trout but that isn't really necessary from a fishing standpoint. The fish are not
any larger and I doubt they will be any more plentiful.

Be sure to make a lot of noise and you may want to consider taking some bear
spray along with you. The area is known for its grizzly bears although we have
yet to see one there.  

The Middle River is a beautiful little stream that's easy to fish. Its a pure
pleasure seeing the cutthroats and the brook trout come up and take your dry
fly and they usually do that every few cast. If you are entering the park at the
East Entrance, be sure to stop and give the Middle River a try. You will drive
right past it as soon as you enter the park.
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